Fulcrum® Professional & Encounter Receptions

Fulcrum Professional is available in both standard and ProLight variants. Both share a clean, comtemporary aesthetic, but ProLight adds one or two illuminated feature strips, utilising low energy LED technology.

Encounter offers custom built reception desks based around a standard series of components - providing individually tailored units at very competitive prices. Edges in solid hardwood or MDF. Distinctive turrets are available in two heights, fully or partially enclosed, providing both a feature and a standing-height writing surface.

  • Finishes to match all our other furniture ranges.
  • Complementary storage, meeting tables and coffee tables.
  • Company names or logos may be sandblasted onto glass shelves, or inlaid in stained veneer into timber panels.
Fulcrum Professional Receptions

This is a small sample of the Fulcrum® Range. For full details, contact us on 01242 251 779 or download a brochure.

Fulcrum Professional Receptions
Fulcrum Professional Receptions